Sound and light show at Giza Pyramids

Have you ever wondered how life was thousands of years ago? This question and other similar thoughts inspired creators to accompany you for a short while to the past, by introducing the sound and light show. It is a magnificent show that brings creativity to life the rule of ancient Egyptians. The artists skillfully created […]

Cairo and Giza day trip to Pyramids and Egyptian Museum

Cairo and Giza day trip to visit the Pyramids and The Egyptian Museum at Tahrir with private guide and transfers from and to any location in Cairo

Cairo and Giza tours to Pyramids, Sakkara and Egyptian Museum

Visit Giza Pyramids and Sphinx + Sakkara with its secrets “Serapeum and more” ‎‎+ Cairo Egyptian Museum at Tahrir with private tour guide and car with ‎driver

Best Giza and Cairo day trip to GEM Pyramids and Egyptian Museum

Best Giza and Cairo day trip for quick trips and stopovers, visit Giza Pyramids, sphinx, Grand Egypt museum and Egyptian ‎Museum at Tahrir.

Giza Tours to Pyramids and Sphinx and Memphis and Dahshur

Giza Tours to Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza + Memphis Statue of Ramses II at open museum ‎‎+ Dahshur to Bent and Red pyramids with private guide and car with driver

Best Giza tour to Pyramids and Sakkara and Memphis private day tour

Best Giza tour with our best private guide and modern car to visit the Pyramids of Giza, Sakkara and ‎Memphis is top recommended day tour from Cairo or Giza‎

Best Giza tours to Pyramids Sakkara Memphis and Dahshur

Best Giza tours includes the Pyramids, continues to ‎Sakkara and its Serapeum, Memphis for Ramses II and ‎Dahshur red & bent pyramids

Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel Giza

Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel Giza is located within walking distance to Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx to the left side & Grand Egypt Museum ‎GEM at right side.

Top Egypt Shore excursion 2 Days Giza and ‎Cairo full tours

Top Egypt Shore excursion to Giza Pyramids, Grand Egypt Museum, Sakkara. Also Cairo full day tour. From cruises at Alexandria or Port Said or Sokhna or Suez.

Shore Excursion from Sokhna ‎to quick Cairo and Giza tours

Shore Excursion from Sokhna with private guided day trip to Giza Pyramids, Grand Egypt Museum GEM and The Egyptian Museum and returning to Sokhna port.