Top Egypt Shore excursion 2 Days Giza and ‎Cairo full tours

Top Egypt Shore excursion to Giza Pyramids, Grand Egypt Museum, Sakkara. Also Cairo full day tour. From cruises at Alexandria or Port Said or Sokhna or Suez.

Shore Excursion from Sokhna ‎to quick Cairo and Giza tours

Shore Excursion from Sokhna with private guided day trip to Giza Pyramids, Grand Egypt Museum GEM and The Egyptian Museum and returning to Sokhna port.

Top 2 Days from Port Said shore excursion to ‎Giza and Cairo

Top 2 Days from Port Said shore excursion includes: 2 days to Giza Pyramids, Grand Museum, Sakkara and ‎to Cairo city before return back to your cruise ship.

Top Alexandria shore excursion 2 Days ‎Giza and Cairo tours

Top Alexandria shore excursion includes: 1 Day to Giza Pyramids, Grand Museum (NEW), Sakkara and Day 2 ‎Cairo city before returning to your cruise ship.

2 Day Alexandria quick trip to Cairo Giza ‎and Alexandria

2 Day Alexandria quick trip includes: 2 days Cairo and Giza and next day ‎an amazing tour of Alexandria before return to your cruise from Best shore excursion.

‎11 Days Egypt vacation Cairo ‎and Nile Cruise and Hurghada

11 Days Egypt vacation includes Cairo and Giza + flight Cairo to Aswan for 3 nights nile cruise to Luxor + transfer to Hurghada and return to Cairo by flight.

‎Top Cairo Nile Cruise from Aswan ‎by flights 7 Days package

Top Cairo Nile Cruise includes Cairo and Giza tours 4 nights total – Flight to Aswan for 3 nights nile cruise to Luxor – Return Cairo by flight

‎7 days top Egypt trips to Giza ‎Cairo Luxor with flights

7 days top Egypt trips includes: Cairo & Giza then flight to Luxor for 2 day trips with private guidance & return flights.

‎3 Days Best Safari Adventure to Bahariya Oasis from Cairo

‎3 Days Best Safari Adventure with private transfers to Bahariya Oasis (3 hours drive each way) to the best safari package adventure to do in Egypt.

‎12 Days from Sharm holiday to ‎Cairo and ‎Aswan Nile Cruise

12 Days from Sharm holiday package start from Sharm, flight to Cairo 2 nights with tours, flight to Aswan for nile cruise, flight from luxor to sharm.