9 Days budget Egypt private holiday includes Cairo tours travel by sleeping train to Aswan stay onboard of nile Felucca return Cairo by sleeping train again












Complete Tour Itinerary


Day 01: Arrival at Cairo

Upon landing at Cairo International Airport, your private Egypt tour representative will be ready and waiting to greet you at arrivals. From here you will be guided through every stage of the Egyptian customs process, from immigration to baggage claim, before transferring your party to your hotel in Cairo to get settled in.
Overnight at your hotel in Cairo.


Day 02: Giza Day Trip - Sleeping train (B , D)‎

Enjoy this Private Giza day trip from one of our recommended Egypt Holiday that we are organizing just for just you, with a private expert Cairo tour guide and modern vehicle with driver to ensure you can make the most of every minute of your day as following:

  • Giza Pyramids and The Sphinx:
    You will discover the magnificent Sphinx standing proud in front of the Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure pyramids. While outside, seize the opportunity to explore the tombs of the pyramid builders nestled in the shadows of the great pyramid, and discover how they worked, lived, and received honorary burials at the site over four thousand years ago.

  • G.E.M Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza: (opening soon)
    The Grand Egyptian Museum, the largest ever Museum. Throughout history, we have always been great builders, and the GEM is our next gift to you and future generations. Aligned with the pyramids two km away, GEM houses over 100,000 objects, including 3500 pieces from the golden king, Tut Ankh Amun. The artifacts, restoration labs, 3-D cinemas, and the latest technologies will bring ancient Egypt alive again.
  • Sakkara or Saqqara:
    View the spectacular discoveries and ancient burial grounds of Egyptian royalty, there are 2 tickets we recommending here:

    Standard ticket Covers: The Step Pyramid and funerary complex of King Zoser & Mastaba of Ti & The Pyramid of Unas & Imhotep Museum, Minister Kagemni Tomb.
    Inclusive ticket Covers: Standard Ticket Plus+ Nobles Tombs, New Kingdom Tombs, Serapeum of Sakkara, Tomb of Mereruka, Tomb of Mehu.
  • Memphis: (if time permits)
    Taking a stroll through the open-air museum of Mit Rahina. Here, witness the magnificent statues of Ramses II standing at a colossal 11 meters, and the Sphinx of Memphis; spiritual guardian of the tombs. Keep delving into history as you follow the paths of the ancient capital to visit the statues of Sekhmet, the Temple of Mummification, and the Temple of Hathor.

At the end of the day, your personal driver will take you to Upper Egypt train station for your sleeping train to Aswan.
Dinner & Overnight onboard the sleeping train to Aswan.


Day 03: Sleepers Train - Aswan (B, D)‎

Breakfast is served onboard sleeping train before arrival at Aswan train station where your adventure continues, your Go Travel Egypt tour guide will escort you to your hotel in Aswan & starting today's tour of Aswan includes:

  • The Temple of Philae:
    Isis, known as goddess of love and beauty, was wife of Osiris and mother of Horus. This Temple tells the never-ending story of the history of the Pharaohs. Prayers still echoes through chapels of Imhotep, housing figures of Isis and gods. Next, enjoy the chapel of Hathor and kiosk of Roman Emperor Trajan.
  • The high Dam & old Dam of Aswan:
    The Nile River and its flooding has given life and fertility to the people over millennia. Worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians as a god named Habi, recently became a source of electrical power with the building of the Aswan Dam in 1910, followed by the High Dam that took 11 years of construction to complete in 1970. And its story to be told about Soviet-Egyptian Friendship.

Overnight in your hotel in Aswan 


Day 04: Nile Felucca ( B , L , D )‎

  • Tour by Nile Felucca around Elephantine Island & the Botanical Garden:
    Botanical Garden has many types of subtropical, and rare plantings and trees such as the Royal Palm tree and the Sabal Palm tree named also as Lord Kitchener Island.

    Elephantine Island named Elephantine because Egyptians first saw the Elephant in this district. The island is considered a natural boundary between Aswan and Nubia.

Dinner and Overnight on board the felucca


Day 05: Nile Felucca ( B , L , D )‎

Today's tour includes:

  • Temple of Kom-Ombo:
    Horus “the falcon” and Sobek “the crocodile” are the two gods that were worshipped in this temple. There are unique scenes of purifications, offerings, medical tools and calendar. through axe of Horus, you may ask him about the secret of “the Eye of Horus.” find it in the crypts under the temple ground or marsh near the Crocodile Museum featuring crocodile mummies.

  • Temple of Horus in Edfu:
    This place tells the story of legendary struggle between Horus and Set. See the chapel of Hathor goddess of music and motherhood, the great pylon, and the winged solar disc. Next, to the Pr Ankh or House of Knowledge, then the House of Beauty, two amazing architectural elements seen only here! Discover the scenes of the festival of the beautiful meeting between Horus of Edfu and Hathor of Dendara, see also the Sky Goddess Nut and her chapel, too.

Lunch onboard the Nile Felucca 
In the afternoon we will continue sailing to Luxor. 
Dinner and Overnight on board the felucca.


Day 06: Luxor (B)‎

Breakfast and arriving in Luxor  our representative will welcome and assist you and check in your selected hotel in Luxor today's tour of Luxor at the (East Bank of the Nile) :-

  • Karnak Temple:
    It took 2000 years to complete this complex, this place was full of life! Egyptian, Persian, Greek, and Roman art and architecture add to style of the temple. The whole site has colossal statues, relief, obelisks and halls and, of course, the Avenue of the Sphinxes
  • Luxor temple:
    Huge statues of Ramses II is the big mark, along with the scenes over the first pylon of warrior king upon his chariot. View the hieroglyphs showing that peace is achieved. Watch the celebrations of the Opet festival over the wall of the hypostyle hall. Next the temple of Alexander the Great was converted into a Church and is now a mosque. Also see the Birth and Coronation rooms too.

At the end of visits, we will take you back to your hotel in Luxor with many amazingly memories of your Nile Felucca tour package.
Overnight at your hotel in Luxor


Day 07: Luxor - Sleeping train (B , D)‎

Breakfast in your hotel; today's tour of Luxor at the (West Bank of the Nile) :-

  • Colossi of Memnon:
    They are two massive stone statues of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III, since 1350 BCE are considered the gate way to the West Bank tour. you have secured an appointment with these two giant statues, always ready to meet you at the entrance.
  • Valley of The Kings:
    Known as the Gate of the Afterlife, where tombs of the greatest kings of 18th, 19th, and 20th Dynasties (New Kingdom period 3550 BCE). famous tombs lie down here such as: Tutankhamun, ThutmosI, II, and III, Ramses Iand II, Amenhotep III and IV, Seti II, Merenptah, sons of Ramses II, and many more.
  • Hatshepsut Temple: (Dier el Bahari Temple)
    Queen Hatshepsut “the foremost of all noble women” The “female king”, Her mortuary temple is the world-famous buildings and obelisks that she ordered constructed. visit the chapel of the god-headed Anubis, chapel of the primeval goddess. You will learn the story of her nephew, the future king, who chiseled her names out of her temple in a story of a family revenge.

At the end of the day, your personal driver & guide will take you back to your Luxor train station for your sleeping train back to Cairo with many amazingly memories of your Egypt tour package.
Dinner and Overnight on board Sleeping train to Cairo.


Day 08: Sleeping train - Cairo (B)‎

Breakfast onboard the train & Arrive In Cairo, our representative will welcomes you at train station and transferring you to your hotel in Cairo to refresh up and leave luggage. Today's your Best Cairo tours package with private guide and car as following:

  • The Egyptian Museum:
    The Egyptian Museum, founded on 1858, houses upward of 120,000 masterpiece objects which date back to different ages in Egyptian history. A visit to the Egyptian Museum will further your interest in Egyptian art and history.
  • Citadel of Saladdin and Mosque of Mohammad Ali:
    Within the walls of Cairo, lies a jewel of the Middle Ages. sits the 12th century military towers of the Citadel of Saladin. continue walking to Mosque of Mohammad Ali Pasha, established in the year 1830. This mosque was designed with elements found in Blue Mosque in Turkey.
  • Old Cairo (Religions complex):
    this area displays a continuity of beliefs. Follow in the footsteps of Moses to
    Ben Ezra Synagogue; Experience the spirituality of the Hanging Church of Holy Virgin Mary, a 6th century Coptic sacred sight. Tour the Amr Ibn Al Aas Mosque, the 1st official mosque ever to be built in the whole of Africa! Here in Religion complex in old Cairo all three faiths meet in peace, where Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed are all revered.
  • Khan Al Khalili:
    No one should escape the pleasures of traveling to Egypt without visiting Cairo’s famous 14th century Khan al Khalili market, named after its founder, Jaharks al Khalili.

At the end of visits, we will take you to Cairo Airport with many amazingly memories of your Cairo tours for your hotel in Cairo
Overnight at your hotel in Cairo


Day 09 : Cairo - Departure ( B )‎

After enjoying breakfast on your final day in Cairo, our representative will meet you in your hotel lobby 3 hours before your flight actual take off time.
From here you will be escorted to Cairo International Airport in plenty of time for your flight departing and leaving you with wonderful memories of Egypt tours package


Itinerary Includes:

What is Included:

  • 02 Nights accommodation in Cairo based on bed and breakfast basis (Breakfast)
  • 02 overnight onboard sleeping train based on bed and breakfast basis (Breakfast)
  • for (Cairo – Aswan  & Luxor – Cairo)
  • 01 Night accommodation in Aswan based on bed and breakfast basis (Breakfast)
  • 02 Nights accommodation onboard Nile felucca based on F.B (Breakfast & Lunch and Dinner)
  • 01 Night accommodation in Luxor based on bed and breakfast basis (Breakfast)
  • All private road transfers for airports & tours on recent model vehicle with professional driver.
  • Private, Egyptologist, English Speaking Tour Guide in your tours (guide in Cairo and another guide from Luxor for all tours from Aswan to Luxor)
  • All Meet and Assist Services as per the itinerary in the Airports are done by our local representatives.
  • All Entrance fees tickets to attractions mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Bottles of Water and local juices during the day trips.
  • Service fees and local taxes.
  • Meals as following :
    - 08   Breakfast 
    - 02   Lunch
    - 04   Dinner

Itinerary Excludes:

What is Not Included:

  • Your International flight to and from Egypt.
  • Tipping.
  • Your drinks and extra Meals not indicated in our itinerary
  • Optional tours and excursions.
  • Additional and/or Sub tickets.


  • All sites listed in the itinerary can be found in each location of the tour. As our guides are flexible and schedules are tailored to your needs, it may not be possible to do everything in each location within your timeframe. We will work with you to plan the perfect day before each visit and also our tour guide will do it better with you on the way before you start the Cairo and Nile Felucca tour package, so you will get to see the sites most important and highly recommended to you.
  • Additional entry fees apply for sub-tickets and non-listed tickets.


| |

01 Person Only

Details :

- Private transfers on Modern Air conditioned car / Minibus with professional driver.
- Private professional Egyptology tour guide of your local language.
- Service fees and all local taxes.
- Complete info in (Itinerary Includes) section.
- You can Book now and Pay later.

Price Per Person : 1 USD


02 of 02 People

Details :

- Private transfers on Modern Air conditioned car / Minibus with professional driver.
- Private professional Egyptology tour guide of your local language.
- Service fees and all local taxes.
- Complete info in (Itinerary Includes) section.
- You can Book now and Pay later.

Price Per Person : 1 USD


03 to 06 People

Details :

- Private transfers on Modern Air conditioned car / Minibus with professional driver.
- Private professional Egyptology tour guide of your local language.
- Service fees and all local taxes.
- Complete info in (Itinerary Includes) section.
- You can Book now and Pay later.

Price Per Person : 1 USD




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  • Purchase the tickets of each visit. 
  • Explain each site history archaeologically.
  • Answer your questions on everything about the visit and in general.
  • Suggest restaurants nearby for lunch.
  • Help you to take the memorable photos for best locations and awesome backgrounds.
  • Help you for shopping original souvenirs at trusted shops and bargaining its price.
  • Teach you few words to stop expected hassles and will definitely be with you.

What your Driver Will do:

  • Be available for you on time and pickup location.
  • Drive safely and professionally from the pickup until tour ends.
  • Return you to your requested destination when the tour ends.

What I will do:

  • Planning with you, confirming and organizing the written services.
  • Hiring best possible freelancer expert tour guide and modern suitable vehicle with good driver.
  • Follow up with driver, guide and talk to you during the day to make sure all are as planned and you are enjoying being with us today.
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