Your ultimate shore excursion starting from Alexandria port at the Mediterranean Sea:
** City tour of Alexandria. 
** Tour of Cairo and Giza highlights in one full day tour
** Tour of Luxor West bank.
** Tour of Luxor East bank.
** Visit the Red Sea and Return to the cruise ship in Safaga port.












Complete Tour Itinerary


Day 1: Alexandria - Cairo

At 06.00 AM The Tour Guide meet and escorting you from the Cruise exit gate in Alexandria.
After that you will visit:
National Museum of Alexandria:
The building’s basement has the Pharaonic Section, then on to the Greco-Roman, followed by Egypt’s Christian and Islamic eras. famous statues welcoming you like Amenhotep III. the Greek God Zeus, King Ptolemy. You will witness antique visions of icons of Holy Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, and artifacts from Islamic Era and the Middle Ages.
Library of Alexandria: (stop from outside)
The Library borders the Mediterranean Sea. You will see the impressive statue of Alexander the Great, whose dream of completing this library began in the 3rd century BCE and was later completed by Ptolemy II, it houses over two million books along with the art galleries, museum, Children’s Library and Planetarium, and the third largest Francophone library.
Citadel of Qaitbay: (stop from outside)
Was built in the 15th century as a buffer from attacks by the Ottomans, French, and later, the British. Entering the citadel from its main gate to citadel’s main tower, You can imagine Sultan Qaitbay giving speeches from the window to his parade of troops below, Inside, visit the Sultan’s Mosque, the reservoir, the watchtower, and the quarters of famous Mameluke Sultans, Outside to gaze at sea and watch locals making a living fishing from their sailboats.
Montaza Palace: (stop from outside)
A royal palace built in 1892 by Khedive Abbas II, the last Muhammad Ali Dynasty! When you visit this beautiful palace, The lush green of 150 acres of tropical trees, flowers, and palm trees will be a pleasure to witness. You will enjoy the surprises of royal luxury all around you.
Roman Amphitheatre:
Excavations done here in the hopes of discovering the tomb of Alexander the Great were not successful, but what was found were the marble steps of the Amphitheatre, along with beautiful mosaics, Roman baths, stores of ammunition, basins for extracting the salt, and statues had been repatriated from the sea. also king Seti’s II obelisk and Sphinx!
Pompey Pillar and Serapeum Temple:
This Pillar is one of the highest Corinthian columns in Egypt, built between 298-302 BCE, in tribute to Emperor Augustus. On top of the Serapeum Temple, it houses both ancient Egyptian and Greek religious and cultural iconography. the Pillar rises over ancient Alexandria and features a sacred lake, Roman baths, and subterranean galleries which will take us to the Holy of the Holies for the emperor’s family and the small library of Cleopatra.
Kom El Shokafa Catacombs:
An unique catacombs of rock-cut sandstone tomb with a spiral stairway that will take us downstairs to see how the ancient priests prepare mummies for burial. we will imagine them, chanting ancient Egyptian sacred scriptures, The mummy is placed on a boat to the catacombs’ main porch, waiting for the falcon-head god of Medusa. Graves of those not mummified are there, too, also the hall of goddess Nemeses offering the bones of the dead.
Overnight (in your cruise ship in Alexandria or we could drive to Cairo and stay the night there)


Day 2: Cairo - Alexandria

08.00 AM, Meet your local tour guide at the lobby of your Hotel in Cairo. Today's tour visits are just organized for only you, with your personal tour guide and private vehicle with driver for the full day, to ensure that you enjoy every minute of your stay. The tour includes:
Giza Pyramid Complex and valley Temple:
The Magnificent Sphinx. & Khufu Pyramid. & Khafre Pyramid. & Menkaure Pyramid.
Tombs of the Pyramids builders. &  Solar Boat Museum “externally”.
* Additional tickets in this site::
Entrance inside the Pyramids & Enterance to Solar Boat Museum.

Early Dynastic monuments:: Pyramid, funerary complex of king Djoser.
Old Kingdom monuments:: Mastabats of  Ti. & Pyramid of Unas.
Monuments of the Late Period, the Graeco-Roman and later periods:: Serapeum (the larger part dating to the Ptolemaeic Period)

The Egyptian Museum:
The Egyptian Museum, founded on 1858, houses upward of 120,000 masterpiece objects which date back to different ages in Egyptian history. A visit to the Egyptian Museum will further your interest in Egyptian art and history, giving you a chance to listen to voices from the past souls from history, talk to Kings including the legendary Tut Ankh Amun, and receive updated answers from your live tour guide.
Overnight in your hotel in Cairo


Day 03 : Cairo - Luxor (East Bank of the Nile)

After early breakfast you will meet our representative and we will transfer you to Cairo airport for your flight to Luxor; on arrival meet with your private tour guide who will accompanying you to visit East Bank of the Nile and visit:
Karnak Temple:
It took 2000 years to complete this complex, This place was full of life! Egyptian, Persian, Greek, and Roman art and architecture add to style of the temple. The whole site has colossal statues, relief, obelisks and halls and, of course, the Avenue of the Sphinxes
Luxor temple:
Huge statues of Ramses II is the big mark, along with the scenesover the first pylon of warrior king upon his chariot. View the hieroglyphs showing that peace is acheived. Watch the celebrations of the Opet festival over the wall of the hypostyle hall. Next the temple of Alexander the Great was converted into a Church and is now a mosque. Also see the Birth and Coronation rooms too.

Transfer to your Hotel in Luxor.
**Optional tour to sound and light show or carriage ride is available with your tour guide 
Overnight in your hotel in Luxor


Day 04 : Luxor (West Bank of the Nile) - Safaga port

at 08.00 AM; you will be picked up from the hotel by private air-conditioned van and your private English speaking Egyptologist guide who will accompanying you to visit West Bank of the Nile and visit:
Colossi of Memnon:
They are two massive stone statues of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III, Since 1350 BCE are considered the gate way to the West Bank tour. you have secured an appointment with these two giant statues, Always ready to meet you at the entrance.
Valley of The Kings:
Known as the Gate of the Afterlife, where tombs of the greatest kings of 18th, 19th, and 20th Dynasties (New Kingdom period 3550 BCE). famous tombs lies here such as: Tutankhamun, ThutmosI, II, and III, Ramses Iand II, Amenhotep III and IV, Seti II, Merenptah, sons of Ramses II, And many more.
Hatshepsut Temple: (Dier el Bahari Temple)
Queen Hatshepsut “the foremost of all noble women” The “female king”, Her mortuary temple is the world-famous buildings and obelisks that she ordered constructed. visit the chapel of the god-headed Anubis, chapel of the primeval goddess. You will learn the story of her nephew, the future king, who chiseled her names out of her temple in a story of a family revenge.

After that transfer to your cruise ship in Safaga.


itinerary Includes:

* Meet private and assistance at your cruise exit gate in Alexandria & Safaga.
* All private road transfers by your private Modern tourist van.
* Your Private Egyptologist, Private, English speaking tour guide. (you can request your language).
* All Entrance fees (tickets) to the sites mentioned in the itinerary.
* Bottle Mineral water on board the van during each day trip.
* Private tours and road transfers between cities.
* All Service fees and local applicable taxes.


itinerary Excludes:

* 01 Night in Cairo on B.B. "(or 2 nights)check day 01"
* 01 Night in Luxor on B.B.
* Flight from Cairo to Luxor
* Visa, Tipping, Lunch & extras not included in above itinerary.


| |

01 Person Only

Details :

- Private transfers on Modern Air conditioned car / Minibus with professional driver.
- Private professional Egyptology tour guide of your local language.
- Service fees and all local taxes.
- Complete info in (Itinerary Includes) section.
- You can Book now and Pay later.

Price Per Person : 1 USD


02 of 02 People

Details :

- Private transfers on Modern Air conditioned car / Minibus with professional driver.
- Private professional Egyptology tour guide of your local language.
- Service fees and all local taxes.
- Complete info in (Itinerary Includes) section.
- You can Book now and Pay later.

Price Per Person : 1 USD


03 to 06 People

Details :

- Private transfers on Modern Air conditioned car / Minibus with professional driver.
- Private professional Egyptology tour guide of your local language.
- Service fees and all local taxes.
- Complete info in (Itinerary Includes) section.
- You can Book now and Pay later.

Price Per Person : 1 USD



Great organized tour with a English speaking tourguide

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